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May 05, 2015 at 04:39 PM

Print advertising can do wonders for your business!

By Steve Patchen

By Steve Patch;en, Santa Barbara SCORE Team Member

You must be kidding. How can that be?

  1. In order to make smart media buying decisions you must know your “target” market (audience) and those who have influence when it comes to buying decisions.

Let’s look at toys for toddlers. Obviously the primary market is parents. But, to a lesser degree, relatives especially grandparents, no doubt often directed by grandkids and their parents.

Don’t underestimate the buying power of this older crowd.  Many have discretionary income which gives them significant buying power.  They cruise, tour, go to concerts, the movies*, and party. Some plan vacations around grandkids. And, their influence is strong in making extended family decisions.

The fastest growing age group in the USA is one hundred plus1. Not surprisingly, the second fastest group is those in their eighties.  Many of these elders spend time waiting in doctor’s offices, where they read magazines.

The under 65 age group is web literate. Social media, along with highly selective broadcast (network, cable TV) programs reach this target audience. But, for those above 65 the way to go is a mix of magazines, newspapers, direct mail, and catalogs. Using one of these media vehicles, or a combination, is determined by achieving prominence in one or more. 

One time ad in a weekly or monthly magazine is a sure way to fail.

Repetition reinforces your message.

If your business is sports oriented, there are many specialized magazines to consider for spending your media dollars. Name the sport and there is a single focus publication that covers it.  Here again, readers are older, and reaching them in a high percentage makes for an efficient media buy. Very little waste circulation.

Measure results in order to fine tune your advertising, both creative and media.

*With on-screen theater advertising, place your message with movies that appeal to your target audiences.

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