Jerry Harter

Geerald W. Harter

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I have been in the retail business for just under 50 years. I am well versed in How to Start a Retail Store as well as improve an operation that is not as profitable as it should be. I know the “ins-and-outs” of proper locations; employee management; open to buy, etc.

Since 1954: Retailing of footwear, dancewear, and accessories. Over the years have also done importing and?wholesaling. Experience with low and high-grade goods. Knowledge in "Sunny Side of the Street"; mark-ups/downs; personnel; liquidation of inventories; open to buy? Can readily equate to “soft goods!"


2 years of University. No formal degree.

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The SCORE meetings are full of so much information- Your follow up email & hyperlinks will greatly help me to make the needed changes.
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