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Money - How to get it!

SCORE can show you how to plan you financial future. We can supply online tools & advice.

Your P&L and cash flow are critical for a successful business.
In addition we can advise you on loans, investors & non-monetary investment.

Raising Capital for Your Small Business!

Where you can get money will vary depending on the amount of money you need, the length of time you have been in business, your geographic location, your personal credit rating, your ability to provide collateral, the viability of your business idea, whether you are looking for debt or equity financing, etc. 

Explore the following sources of capital: banks (developing a relationship with a bank and a banker is key); small business development centers (while they may not have access to funds, they will almost certainly have resources and contacts); the "Friends and Family" bank (this is probably the most common and most successful source of funds for start ups); community development centers (many of them have money to lend); venture capital (for those who don't mind giving up some"control" of their business); angel investors; the use of supplier/vendor financing (have a supplier extend 120-day terms instead of the usual 30 while you extend only 30-day terms to your customers); seller financing; end-user funding (having the ultimate customer finance the research and development of the product).

The SBA also offers the Microloan Program

This program provides short-term start-up or expansion loans of up to $25,000. Loans are made through non-profits with experience in lending and technical assistance.

If you are starting or planning a business venture and would like some guidance, contact SCORE today.

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I was in need of information and specific instructions regarding the incorporation of my business. Walt took the time and met with me a number of times. Helping me through the entire process, he made the time to exactly explain the impact of these steps.
Edward Dent, Owner
Chelsea Design and Fabrication