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Apr 27, 2017 at 12:42 AM

Silvio Di Loreto - In Memory of a SCORE Counselor

By Gerald Harter
Silvio Di Loreto - In Memory of a Fellow SCORE Counselor

He might’ve been called the jolly green giant, but while he was jolly he wasn’t very tall. They might’ve called him a shadow of himself, but he really had too much girth to be that. Silvio Di Loreto was probably one of the kindest persons to ever set foot in Santa Barbara. The word “no” just didn’t exist in his vocabulary.
In the early years, that would be 49 years ago when I arrived in Santa Barbara, he was Mr. Sunset Real Estate Company. Silvio was kind to everyone who came to his office looking for employment; he was a teacher, mentor, and always anxious to see men and women grow. He taught ethics, principles, fiduciary responsibility, and any other ingredient required to be a successful agent. You could not walk down the street with Silvio without somebody saying “hi Silvio”. Everyone knew Silvio.
Silvio was involved with many of the nonprofits here in Santa Barbara. They are too numerous to list; a few of his favorite were City College, Hillside House, and our organization SCORE. Silvio joined the chapter just about at its beginning. He was the kind of mentor a client would always love to have. He would tell a client it was a good idea, or, in the alternative if he thought it was a bad thing he’d let them know that too. His greatest passion was cooking. We remember one workshop we had at City College in an auditorium, and the subject was restaurants. That auditorium was filled for his presentation along with John Dunn; was probably one of the better programs we had in those years.
Much has been said and much has been written since Silvio passed away. Not too much to add to what we know. Silvio was a true leader and we at Santa Barbara SCORE are all pleased to have been known as his colleague. Silvio di Loreto was indeed a giant among men and women in our community. We are blessed for having had him for the “short period of time” he was here.

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