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Oct 16, 2017 at 07:00 AM

Small Business E-Commerce - 10 Best Strategies to Convince Customers to Purchase From Your E-Commerce Website

By Alexandra Trujillo

Small Business eCommerce - 10 Best Strategies to Convince Customers to Purchase From Your E-Commerce Website

People who are successful in e-commerce do a lot in order to make sure they're online sales are efficient. Although the tips mentioned do not take a lot of time or money, they can greatly benefit your business. Your website should reflect your business and its mission to great customer service. If you have an e-commerce website, but sales just are not coming through, this article is for you.

By Basem Temraz

Every e-commerce entrepreneur will ask themselves this question at one point or another: How do I get people to purchase from my website? How do I effectively compete online? How do I increase revenue?

While every entrepreneur’s situation is slightly different, based on their target market, product, and objectives, it turns out that high performance websites and online stores have a number of common features that cut across industries and customer segments.

Over the past five years we have studied highly-successful business websites and online stores, and these are the most important features they share:

1. They offer something unique

That does not mean that the product itself is necessarily unique, although that also can be very helpful. However, those entrepreneurs typically offer something that no one else does, whether it be great service, a type of discount, hours of work, a good return or exchange policy, or anything else that a particular customer segment finds valuable.

2. They attract relevant audiences effectively

Successful online sites understand exactly who their customers are and what they find valuable, and then they create products, services, offers, and content that will drive that traffic to their website. They key here is attracting the relevant audience at a cost-effective rate.

3. They are reliable

The first few seconds of interaction between users and a website are crucial to creating a positive impression of the website and brand. Unfortunately many business websites take far too long to load (anything longer than six seconds is excessive) or are sluggish and slow to react to clicks and scrolling. A slow, unreliable website is an immediate turnoff for visitors and results in a high bounce rate.

4. They maintain expectation consistency

The best performing websites we have studied were very good at maintaining the expectation of their visitors as they transition from outside the website (ad, social media post or other links) to the landing page where conversion was expected to happen.

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