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Feb 19, 2018 at 07:00 AM

Small Business Management - Pump Up Your Profitability with These 5 Resolutions for Any Time of Year

By Alexandra Trujillo
Small Business Management - Pump Up Your Profitability with These 5 Resolutions  for Any Time of Year

Often times we make resolutions and goals at the beginning of the year and then forget about them. For the purpose of the success of a small business. It is important to keep goals in mind through out the whole year. Success takes time, so it is important not to give up when results are not immediate. This article mentions 5 goals that are important to pump up profitability. 


A new year is here, and with it comes the urge to start fresh and do things better than ever. Here are five business resolutions that will help your company crush it in 2018.

Resolutions for Your Small Business

1. I resolve to put our data to work.

Every business has almost unlimited data available about customers, employees and business operations. But are you taking advantage of all that information, or just letting it pile up? While the sheer amount of data available today can seem overwhelming, analytics tools can help you drill down to key information. Look for products that enable you to create custom dashboards, graphs, tables and visualizations. That way, you can see and share complex data in whatever format makes it easiest for you and your team to understand.

2. I resolve to streamline our systems.

Based on what your analytics uncovers about your employees, your customers and business processes, in 2018 you can streamline your business to focus on what matters most. For example, if you identify a bottleneck that’s slowing down customer service response times, you can come up with ways to eliminate it. Is a particular sales or marketing tactic getting great results? Then do more of that. The right analytics tools can even help you automate workflows to save time and boost efficiency. Be sure to ask your employees, especially those on the front lines, for suggestions when it comes to simplifying processes and systems. They’ll often have great ideas about improving the processes they engage with every day.

3. I resolve to focus on employees.

Low unemployment is rapidly creating a job seeker’s market. With competition for qualified employees getting fiercer by the day, keeping employees satisfied and engaged should be a key area of focus for every business in 2018. Of course, you also want to continuously improve your team’s performance.


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