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Oct 12, 2013 at 08:36 AM

Business Valuation

By John Richardson

Business Valuation 

As part of our ongoing education series for our counselors, SCORE Santa Barbara invited Jim Lisi of American ValueMetics to present the process which his company uses to help establish a value for either the buyer or seller of a new or existing business. 

Business Valuation

American ValueMetrics (AVM) is a California based business valuation firm with over 40 years experience providing legally defensible, analytically sound, market based business valuation and advisory services to U.S. and international firms operating under English common law legal systems. 

Mr. Lisi’s focus is small business, capital stock, and solvency-related valuations; business plans and free cash flow analyses related to start-up and fast-growing enterprises; and valuation of incentive stock options to meet IRC 409a. He also performs ESOP plan feasibility studies and analyses of intellectual properties and other intangible assets. He has valued businesses with AVM since 2004.

The Business Valuation presentation focused on: 

¨What Are We Valuing?
¨Value Drivers
¨Fair Market Value
¨Analyst’s Job
¨Defense for Litigation
¨Current Issues

  • Presentation – Business_Valuation.pptx
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