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Nov 02, 2013 at 08:44 AM

20 Power Principles to boost your bottom line..... IMMEDIATELY

By John Richardson

Another SCORE Workshop..

20 Power Principles to boost  your bottom line.....  IMMEDIATELY
Know Thyself

As part of SCORE's ongoing educational series, Bob Vitamante held this lively workshop that provided the attendees with ideas that will definitely change the way their view their business, and themselves, and gave them a new command of their bottom line.

Building off ancient and current philosophical principles, he presented new insights and habits that will change the way you run your business, and monitor its success. See the attached presentation. 

Bob Vitamante is a business entrepreneur, consultant, CPA, and a former executive officer and CFO of companies with revenues ranging from $200 thousand to over $1 Billion, including companies like Select Temporaries, Pinkertons’ and Columbia Pictures. He also ‘knows’ startups and small businesses, having taken a technology company public and launching a retail store, a consulting service, an online stock quote service, an importing company, and two MLM businesses. 

  • 20 Power Principles... – 20_POWERFUL_PRINCIPLES_TO_BOOST_YOUR_BOTTOM_LINE.pptx
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