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Feb 28, 2014 at 02:16 PM

Increase Your Sales - Handouts

By John Richardson

At our February workshop Shelly Goldman, an expert in the art of selling, thoroughly discuss the three primary ways to increase your sales...from frequency of purchase to number of customers to the value of transactions. Shelley analyzed these components and showed how, when applied to your business, will produce immediate and dramatic results.

These handouts were referenced in the presentation.

  • 16 Quick Retail Promotional Ideas – 16_Quick_Retail_Promotional_Ideas_To_Increase_Your_Sales_Without_Discounting.docx
  • 50 Retail Marketing Ideas – 50_retail_marketing_ideas.doc
  • Cold Calling – Cold_Calling.docx
  • Growing Business - Spreadsheet – Growing_business_spreadsheet.xls
  • Improve Your Return on Marketing – Improve_your_return_on_marketing.docx
  • Monthly Ideas – Monthly_ideasdoc.doc
  • Sales Promotion in Today'a Economy – Sales_Promotion_in_Todays_Economy.doc
  • Selling Worksheep – Selling_Worksheet.xls
  • Selling1 – Selleing1.xls
  • The 7 Steps in a Sale – The_7_Steps_in_a_Sales_Cycle.docx
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