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Mar 14, 2016 at 05:43 PM

Start-up SB weekend at UCSB

By George Rusznak

Startup weekend is an event for aspiring entrepreneurs. It takes place in multiple cities in over 150 countries. In January one event took place on the UCSB campus, here in Santa Barbara, organized by the Entrepreneur Association of UCSB.

At the event there were 115 participants, who pitched 36 ideas and formed 15 businesses. The event had 15 local businesses as sponsors and included 4 distinguished speakers. The teams were supported throughout the weekend by more than 25 mentors including some from SCORE. There were 6 judges who selected the winning teams, qualifying for various prizes.

Startup Weekend Video
The quality of the teams was so high that there were actually two teams taking first place, along with a runner up.
The runner up was Tutr that provides on-demand peer tutoring to university students through a streamlined tutoring app. The service matches skilled peer tutors with students, based on academics, personality, and teaching style to ensure a long-lasting, mutually beneficial tutoring relationship.
One of the first ?p?lace? teams was Closed Cycle? that? makes advanced bike locks to give?the owner? peace of mind?,? two wheels at a time.?Their first product is Cerberus which is a?n? accelerometer?-?powered GPS-enabled texting bike-immobility alarm.

?The other team taking first place honors was? Triameter? which makes a LIDAR module that scans a building and creates a high quality CAD model in under 7 minutes?, from which accurate drawings and three-dimensional models can be constructed.

SCORE is pleased to be part of an event that over the years produced over 23,000 business teams, many of which have gone on to starting and running successful businesses.

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