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Starting a New Business

Entrepreneurship has made this country's economy great and dynamic. It accounts for the lion's share of innovation and the creation of most new jobs and new wealth.

Starting a company is exciting and scary. It is not for everyone. But it is well within the reach of those who have self confidence, perseverance, the willingness to learn, work hard, manage risks, and who recognize that failure is not a stigma. SCORE helps such people succeed if they have the ideas and the motivation by providing guidance and support. 

There is no way to eliminate all the risks of starting a new business but you can improve your chances of success with good planning, preparation, insight and the effective use of the available supports systems. Start by evaluating your strengths weaknesses as a potential owner and manager of a small business. Carefully consider each of the following questions:

Are you a self starter?
How well do you get along with different personalities?
How good are you at making decisions?
Do you have the required physical and emotional stamina?
How well do you plan and organize?
Is your drive strong enough?
How will the business affect your family?

If you are starting or planning a business venture and would like some guidance, contact SCORE today.

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I was in need of information and specific instructions regarding the incorporation of my business. Walt took the time and met with me a number of times. Helping me through the entire process, he made the time to exactly explain the impact of these steps.
Edward Dent, Owner
Chelsea Design and Fabrication