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Ojai Jelly

♥ to cook
♥ pairing foods & stirring conversation
♥ to get people to step outside their ‘comfort zone’ & try new fusions & flavors

My mission in part is to get people inspired in the kitchen, to experiment more with food & have fun while doing it. Get your loved ones involved!

It is also important to me to help raise awareness to women’s health issues.

A few years back I was recovering from a series of unfortunate events- Just 2 weeks after this photo was taken I suffered a stroke. Do I look like a person about to have a stroke to you? If you’d like to learn more, check out the links to your right →→→

During my recovery I was grateful- but bored to tears. I watched more television than usual & happened to notice that GOOD MORNING AMERICA was having a contest, looking for
I entered my favorite smoked turkey sandwich & it was FEATURED!
My sandwich is made with my Jalapeño Jelly & it’s delicious.
Add Pepper Jelly to your sandwich & see what you think!
Try Ojai Pepper Jelly in a P B & J- it’s unique & quite delicious.
My daughter prefers Ojai Jalapeño Jelly in her P B & J, but my son & I prefer Ojai Habanero Jelly.

I eventually captured & bottled what seems to be a perfect combination of flavors; the savory union
Where Heat Meets Sweet-

Ojai Jalapeño Jelly is a little sweeter; made with 100% Jalapeño Peppers.
Ojai Habanero Jelly is a little spicier; made with beautiful Habanero Peppers + Bell Peppers.

After the contest I was encouraged to market my Jellies. I went ahead & decided to get a PFL (Processed Food License), state & city licenses, & I rented a commercial kitchen. I’ve been in business ever since.
In 2011 I cooked up my recipes with a few California canneries & I was quite fortunate to discover “E. Waldo Ward & Son“. Jeff Ward, President of EWW, is a food scientist & is a graduate of UC Davis. He puts his heart & soul into his work. The rest is history & the Wards have been bottling my Jellies ever since!

You can find my Pepper Jellies in many Gourmet Food Stores, wine tasting rooms & wineries. I sell Pepper Jelly to 40+ stores & in 4 states. I’ve even shipped to our troops!

I’d ♥ to sell Ojai Pepper Jelly in your town! Drop me a line stating WHERE you’d like Ojai Jelly sold- be sure to include your CONTACT INFORMATION. I’ll do my best to make it happen & I’ll send you a set of Pepper Jellies if I get the account!

- See more at: http://ojaijalapenojelly.com/my-story/#sthash.Xz09Nh1D.dpuf